Herb Nursery
We run a private herb nursery. We are not open to the public except on our special open days. We grow many different sorts of medicinal, aromatic and culinary herbs, using organic and peat-free compost, without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Our land is certified as organic for seed production (vegetables, herbs and flowers) and we have further organic certification for the processing and marketing of organic seed. We have always been committed to safe and sustainable methods of cultivation. If you can grow some of your food as we do, we believe you and your family will be consuming vitamins, minerals and many trace elements vital to maintaining optimum well-being. You can follow us on Twitter  @beansandherbs

Why herbs ?
We believe herbs bring great benefit to health and should be eaten regularly in small quantities as part of the diet.

Why beans ?
Beans are an excellent source of protein and are extremely productive and nutritious per square metre of land. This is especially true for Climbing French beans. The return of food for the effort expended makes the cultivation of beans exceptionally economic.

Why organic seed ?
What is organic seed ? Organic seed is:
Seed produced by totally organic growing methods; seed that has not been gene-altered in any way; seed that is not hybrid seed (in our cultivation) but has been open-pollinated; seed that has not been given a chemical treatment in the packet. See A closer look at the issues  See also More information and System of organic culture at The Herbary

We encourage seed-saving by offering you only open-pollinated seeds grown by time-honoured, traditional methods. We never supply gene-modified seed, or F1 hybrid seed which cannot be reliably regenerated. With any of our seed you can have the satisfaction of saving some of your own particular favourite varieties, can plan your next season’s crop and recipes, and can develop personal knowledge of the growth habit of each variety for your part of the country.

Our aim is to promote food self-sufficiency so that people can take control over at least some of their own food supply. The wide range of herbs, beans and other vegetables offered here give many nutritional and medicinal benefits.

We practise and encourage home-composting and the growing of green manures (particular plants that improve soil structure and fertility). We use no animal imputs – that is, no animal manure and no slaughterhouse by-products such as blood, fish and bone. We use no artificial fertilisers and no pesticides, and we minimise the time from harvest to table or storage.

Mail order for SEED is available all year round – see Seed Catalogues. The only PLANTS we send by mail order are Comfrey (bare roots). These can usually be ordered at any time, such as along with a seed order, but while we send the seeds straightaway, we will send on the Comfrey in the spring at planting time.