Welcome to our Organic Vegetable and Herb seed collection

PLEASE NOTE We have had to put a temporary halt on orders. We are checking that Royal Mail will still be able to deliver to you. Most people sow most seed varieties too early! So once we are open again – hopefully on Monday 6th April – there will still be time for sowing – up to mid June for most vegetables (except for Tomatoes and Peppers).
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers who have supported us over many years. We have enjoyed producing seed for you of all our organic healing herbs and our many heirloom beans. Long may you continue to collect your own seeds and keep the varieties going for future generations to enjoy!
All vegetable and herb seed provided by our cultivation is organically produced. We have organic certification for seed production and marketing. We sell high quality organic seed at a reasonable price, and we put growing instructions on all of our seed packets.
For our catalogue we have chosen many varieties that are ideally suited to home-growing and have a long cropping season. All our seed is open pollinated seed so you can save your own seed from any of our varieties.
We specialise in beans and herbs and continue to grow these in large numbers. We also now have a good range of organic flower seed.
We hope you enjoy growing some of our varieties for your health and happiness. Have a good season in 2020 !