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The rapidity of change in Western eating habits is unprecedented and undoubtedly accounts for many diseases affecting Western man. Dietary changes occurred only slowly before the modern technological age, but now agricultural research, modern farming methods, and food production methods in general have made it possible to create large amounts of new, highly processed, chemically-adulterated ‘food’, often from genetically-engineered seeds/crops.
Also the pattern of eating foods related to our own origins has seriously been eroded within the last five decades as various interesting foods have been incorporated into the western diet from other cultures. This rapid change in basic diet, coupled with the ever increasing novel methods of food production, preparation and preservation, has been the main reason for the decreasing standards of general health and fitness of many people.

If nutrient-packed foods such as vegetables, fruit, beans and peas, whole grains, nuts and seeds, are used to replace refined foods that have been stripped of essential nutrients, there will be an improvement in the nutritional status of the person who consumes them. A diet high in nutrients, but low in calorific content, helps prevent signs of ageing and chronic diseases, and increases the span of a healthy life.

Food grown on poor soil can be deficient in certain nutrients. A good quality soil will contain all the necessary nutrients, including trace elements, and will not be contaminated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Good crops grown on preferably organically certified soil will not have been treated with chemical sprays, but with natural fertilisers such as plant-based compost.
The only way to ensure your food meets these criteria is to consume organic produce, preferably by growing your own.