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We offer just 5 items by mail order that we do not grow from seed, but by root cuttings. These are Comfrey, French Tarragon, Mint, Tree Onion and Horseradish. These can be ordered and paid for with your order for seed. Seed will be sent to you straightaway, while any root cuttings ordered will be sent separately during April/May for immediate planting. We send two to four bulbs for £10.50 per variety (includes postage). SOLD OUT
 Allium cepa Proliferum Group
Tree onions are fascinating and fun to grow - a real talking point in the garden ! We send out a few bulbs which you plant and grow on. The plant looks a bit like a giant chives, and the leaves are edible and can be chopped and used in the same way as chives. By late summer the plant develops a stem, at the top of which small onions appear. These can be harvested and eaten in casseroles or raw in sandwiches.
Tree onions are hardy perennials. They are unlikely to produce in their first year, but will develop a good root system ready for producing bulbs the following summer. They like good fertile soil in full sun to do well, just the same as other members of the onion family. Keep well watered. After about three years, it is a good idea to dig up your plant and replant it in composted and freshly dug ground. This way it will continue to do well. The clumps can be divided at this time to make more plants.
When you receive your bulbs in the post.....
open the package immediately, and plant each bulb in a 13cm plastic pot in soil-based compost. Place outside in the sun and keep watered. After a couple of months, plant out in the garden or on the allotment and water in.
Allium cepa Proliferum Group

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