Organic Certification 
We have Organic Certification with Organic Farmers & Growers Limited for the production and marketing of organic seed. By buying seed from a Certified Organic producer, like ourselves, means that, as well as getting correctly-grown seed, you are also supporting an organic system of growing. This system is harmless to the soil and environment, promotes diversity of wildlife, and ensures the health of the land for the future. It is strictly regulated and constantly monitored by the Certifying body. You can visit their website at and you can contact them to ask about our own business on 01939 291800

We ourselves are committed to safe and sustainable organic practice. See System of Organic Culture at The Herbary. All our seeds are non GMO, untreated with chemicals, and are open- pollinated. We encourage others to take control over what they consume by growing organically, and then to save their own seed – which will come ‘true to type’ from any of our seeds.