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(Pole Beans)

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The varieties here are for Bean Club members.

You can become a member simply by ordering any of these seeds. Thereafter we will send you an annual members' newsletter every winter to keep you up to date with the varieties available for you to grow. We will also tell you about any new ones we will be trialling. We prefer to send this by email so please send us your email address or put it on the order form.


Our Main Catalogue contains only Organic Seed. This extra list shows beans that we grow ourselves but do not get them certified as organic although they are grown in the same way as our organic seeds. Please contact us if you wish to find out about our production. Please request seed below at the same time as any requirements from the Main Catalogue using the same Order Form or by emailing us. Some of the varieties on offer below are available in limited quantities so PLEASE GIVE US ALTERNATIVES YOU WOULD BE HAPPY WITH. There are growing intructions on each packet.
IF WE ARE OUT OF A VARIETY, WE WILL SEND YOU THE NEAREST TO YOUR CHOICES UNLESS YOU SPECIFY OTHERWISE. Please order only one pack per variety (you may order any number of varieties!) and do grow on some of your plants for saving some of your own seed for the following year! See our webpages on growing beans and peas at and on saving your own seeds at
You may notice that we now grow mainly climbing beans rather than dwarf varieties. So many people have small gardens which have limited space so we advise growing a climber to get more beans for the space taken up. It takes a little bit longer to get to the harvest stage, but the reward is greater!

NOTE Our harvest is ready in November each year. The list below will change every November from one year to the next depending on what varieties we decide to grow out. We have to offer these on a first-come-first-served basis as we have limited stock. If you put our website into your Favourites and check the list as it changes in the autumn, you can best ensure you obtain the bean seeds you want.
PLEASE NOTE We are not year-on-year suppliers of the heritage bean seeds on this list. We only send out these varieties on the understanding that some plants will be grown out for seed-saving for your future seed-stock, and, when you have plenty of saved seed, to give seed away to friends and ask them to do the same. This way these will not become extinct. Easy to do! See our webpages
(Pole Beans)
Growing instructions on each packet
AURIE DE BACAU Long flat golden pods. Lots of them. Melt in the mouth. UNAVAILABLE
BRIDGEWATER Prolific horticultural (shelling out) bean . Eat fresh shelled or dry the large bean seeds for later use. Attractive maroon mottling. UNAVAILABLE
B & B Yellow pods quite long, pencil shaped with excellent flavour. UNAVAILABLE
BLACK CROATIAN Late maturing - worth waiting for. Excellent flavour. Black seeded variety. UNAVAILABLE
BERNER LANDFRAUEN Extremely prolific. Quite late maturing. Mottled pods. Aka HARICOT DES PAYSANNES
BLUE COCO Huge harvest of purple bean pods. Top performer!
BLUE QUEEN Purple pods and really large harvest. UNAVAILABLE
BOLSA Lots of green pods. Polish variety. Great bean.
BRITA'S FOOTLONG Very long pencil shaped green beans. Prolific.
BRIENZER Pinkish mottled pods. Lovely bean. Lots of pods. UNAVAILABLE
BIRD'S EGG HORTICULTURAL Beautiful red striped pods. For pod stage and for shelling.
CARTER'S POLISH Huge harvest of beans for eating at the pod stage and for shelling out. Dark purple pods with some mottling. Delightful pink seeds.
CASEKNIFE Flat green pods. Prolific cropper. One of our favourite beans.
COCO BICOLOUR Delightful two-coloured seeds - white/pink-speckled. Good for pods or drying. UNAVAILABLE
CELINA'S FLAT WIDE Long flat pods and lots of them. Very tender and succulent. Average vigour.
CHEROKEE TRAIL OF TEARS Small black seeds. Slim purple pods.UNAVAILABLE
SCHONE VON RICHIGEN Bean with superb flavour. Quite late maturing but worth waiting for. UNAVAILABLE
DINAH'S CLIMBING BLUE Dark purple pods and lots of them.
DISTRICT NURSE A plump drying bean with mottled seeds. Good fat pods and a pleasure to shell out.
FORTEX Unusually long slender pencil shaped green beans. UNAVAILABLE
GRAMMA WALTERS Dark purple pods. Large harvest. Shelling only. UNAVAILABLE
INTERLAKEN Late maturing. Great many pods. Mottled.
ITALIAN SNAP Large striped black and white striped seeds. Large mottled pods. Good for pods or shelling. UNAVAILABLE
KEW BLUE Purple pods and lots of them.
LAZY HOUSEWIFE Large flat green pods slightly curved. Large tan seeds delicious in winter casseroles. Does well in hot dry conditions. UNAVAILABLE
MADEIRA MAROON Beautiful red striped pods. Shelling only.
MAJOR COOK Striped purple pods. Good for shelling only. UNAVAILABLE
MEUCH Mottled pods. Medium length. Very delicious bean.
NORTHEASTER Early maturing with a deliciously rich sweet flavour. Flat green wide pods 20cm long . Stringless. Stays tender for long periods. White seeded variety.
OLD HOMESTEAD Good reliable bean for late season. Many pods.
ORO Superb bean for all round performance. Large mid green pods. Delicious with delicate flavour as green bean, or large pink/tan seeds for shelling out fresh and cooking, or leaving to dry for winter use.
PURPLE GIANT Many purple pods. Tan seeds. Good harvest. UNAVAILABLE
PURPLE PRIZE Really good purple type. Long attractive beans of good flavour. Slightly curled seed. UNAVAILABLE
RATTLESNAKE Slim bean with stunning markings. Pick when young and tender.
RUTH BIBLE Mother Earth kind of bean to feed everyone. Quite late.
RYDER'S BLUE COCO Very prolific bean. Early harvest. Purple pods. UNAVAILABLE
RYDER'S TOP O' THE POLE Climbs straight up fast. Great green bean. Prolific. UNAVAILABLE
ST. ANTHONY Bicolour seeds large and round. Late harvest prolific.
TIGER BEAN Black and white striped seed. Pods also striped. Delicate flavour. UNAVAILABLE
TRESNJEVAC Unusual round seed grey striped with purple. Quite late maturing but lots of slightly striped pods.
TUNG Oval brown seeds. Large harvest.
VEITCH'S CLIMBING Smallish pods for eating, or beautiful maroon seeds for shelling. UNAVAILABLE
COSSE VIOLETTE Strong growing purple type with pencil pods that can be harvested over many weeks. Good flavour. Pods 26cm in length.
Very vigorous. Best for polytunnels. Long thin beans like green spaghetti. Very tasty and stringless. Mid to late season. Pick at 30cm for best flavour and texture.
NECKAR QUEEN Long large pencil shaped green pods.
GOLDFIELD Much sought-after bean. Lots of people talk about it and have not been able to find a supplier. Now we have it! High quality gold bean with tender stringless flat yellow pods, 27cm in length. Long harvest period.
FASOLD Black seeded variety. Quick to form beanpods. Pods are long, round and stringless. Superb flavour. Long harvest.
PEA BEAN Shell out and eat as ‘peas’ or leave to dry for winter casseroles or soup. Half white, half maroon seeds.
Very decorative bean. Start under glass end April/beginning May and plant out as soon as no danger of frost. Can grow up to 2m. Pods flat, blunt and slightly curved, about 10cm long. Young pods are cooked and eaten whole, or left for shelling out fresh, or dry.
(Bush Beans)

Growing instructions on each packet

PURPLE TEPEE This variety of Dwarf French Bean is an intermediate type - it produces its purple pods at the top of each plant, above the foliage. Pods keep clean as they are well above soil level. Suitable for later plantings. Superb flavour.
Growing instructions on each packet
PAINTED LADY Old variety with top quality beans. Attractive red and white flowers.
CZAR Fine old white-flowered variety. Long tender beans over a long period. Seeds can be left to swell as 'butter beans', or dried for winter.
WHITE LADY White flowered variety with excellent flavour. Slender, smooth, fleshy, stringless pods . 30cm long pods. Good pod set even in hot weather.
MOONLIGHT Good quality white flowered variety. Good flavour and texture. Pods 30cm long.
HESTIA A dwarf variety suitable for open planting or in containers. Attractive red and white flowers . Slim stringless 20cm runner beans. Early cropping.
Growing instructions on each packet
ASPARAGUS PEA A mangetout pea with very attractive winged pods. Pick young and tender pods for eating whole.

NOTE If there is a bean variety you are looking for, please feel free to ask us as we have a large number of varieties in our collection and will try to help.

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