Extra seed – vegetables

Below are listed much-demanded seeds which do not readily fit into our other seed lists. We have not yet been able to find organic varieties of these seeds. However, none of these seeds have any chemical treatment in the packet. They are untreated seeds and are therefore safe to handle. As with all our seeds, these below are open-pollinated and none are gene-modified.


BROAD BEAN Karmarzyn

Unusual pink variety. This compact growing bean will produce a bountiful crop of tasty colourful beans.

COURGETTE Custard White

Fine flavoured creamy white fruits with scalloped edges. Pick when young for best results.

COURGETTE Tromboncino

Trailing variety of squash used as a courgette. Best trained up wires or trellis for the long fruit to hang down. Can reach a length of 1 metre

KALE Cavolo Nero

Long-leaved dark green kale. Produces an abundance of curly leaves from the centre of the plant.

LEEK Musselburgh

Superb variety for maincrop. Harvest December to end of March.

MANGETOUT Carouby de Mausanne

Tall growing mangetout with attractive purple flowers. Large pods with good sweet flavour that do not go stringy. Height 150cm.


Very sweet fat pods for cooking whole. Can also be left to grow on for shelling out like normal peas. Height 1.85m.

MARROW Long Green Trailing

Very large dark green fruits, excellent for stuffing.


Vigorous and quick growing Sow spring to late autumn. Ready in one month from sowing. Excellent dark green leaves.


Looks like Parsley but takes like Celery.
PEA Douce Provence

PEA Douce Provence

Very early round-seeded pea. Excellent cropper. Can be sown from November to April. Height 45cm.
PEPPER Bhut Jolokia

PEPPER Bhut Jolokia

CHILLI PEPPER Bhut Jolokia. Not for the faint hearted! More than 1 million Scoville heat units. Originated from the Assam region of India. best grown under glass. Use sparingly and handle with care!


The largest New Mexican type producing pods up to 30cm long and 6cm wide. Medium to hot variety.

PEPPER Bird’s Eye

Very hot chilli ! 100.000-220,000 Scoville heat units. Ripens from pale green to orange to vibrant red. Tall plants at one metre.
PEPPER Cherry Bomb

PEPPER Cherry Bomb

Early hot cherry type of chilli pepper 7cm diameter. Ripens green to bright red.
PEPPER Chocolate Habanero 2

PEPPER Chocolate Habanero

Chocolate brown, stunning lantern shaped chilli. Approx. 5cm long. Extremely hot. Up to 450,000 Scoville heat units!
PEPPER Demon Red

PEPPER Demon red

Ideal for pots. Very decorative with compact plant habit and upward growing fruit. Ripens green to red and very hot. Height and spread 35cm. Very prolific. This variety has the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

PEPPER Firecracker

Productive and vigorous plants. Upright fruiting habit. Conical fruit up to 10cm length which ripen through purple and orange to deep red. Hot but fruity flavour. Indian chilli. Heavy fruiting.
HOT LEMON reduced

PEPPER Hot lemon

Vigorous and very productive. Has a pronounced lemon flavour. One of the hottest baccatum varieties.


CHILLI PEPPER Hot Thai. Compact and productive. Highly ornamental, like Christmas tree lights. 2.5cm fruits of bright red and green. These poke out all over the 45cm tall plants. This variety has the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.
PEPPER Hungarian Black

PEPPER Hungarian Black

Black fruits ripening to red. Mildly hot with a delicious flavour.

PEPPER Purple Tiger

CHILLI PEPPER Purple Tiger. Deep purple 5cm long fruits with interesting shapes and tri-coloured ornamental foliage. Sometimes also known as Trifetti or Varegata. Hot.
PEPPER Scotch Bonnet

PEPPER Scotch Bonnet

Looks like a small scotch bonnet - hence the name! Very hot chilli. From green to red when ripe. Best grown under glass.

PEPPER Trinidad Scorpion

Extremely hot chilli. The round shaped fruits have a tail! Lime green to bright red. Needs high temperature to germinate. Handle hot chilli fruits with care. Scoville heat units read 1.2m
TWILIGHT reduced

PEPPER Twilight

CHILLI PEPPER Twilight. Medium hot chilli variety. 2cm long fruits go from yellow to orange to red to purple. Highly ornamental. Height 45cm

SPINACH Bloomsdale

Heavy yielding summer variety. A mass of dark green leaves. Slow to bolt in hot weather.
SQUASH Blue Kuri 2

SQUASH Blue Kuri

Trailing habit. Blue-grey squashes weighing 1-2kg. Orange flesh and excellent taste. Long storage.

SQUASH Cornell’s Bush Delicata

Long squash with cream coloured skin with dark green stripes. Sweet taste with nutty flavour.

SQUASH Little Gem

Cricket ball size fruits with dark green skin. Wonderful flavoured flesh. Mature by mid August. Very prolific. Trailing habit.

SQUASH Turks Turban

Brightly coloured squash often grown as an ornamental but very tasty when picked young and stuffed with rice.
CORN Painted MountainCROPPED

SWEETCORN Painted Mountain

SWEETCORN Painted Mountain. Developed for its earliness, hardiness and colourful display. Used for harvest decoration, roasting, or for easy grinding to high nutrition cornflour.


Cape Gooseberry. Grown in the same way as outdoor tomatoes. Delicious fruits are picked when bright orange. Eaten raw or can be stewed or made into jam. They store well in their husks.
TOMATO Ailsa Craig

TOMATO Ailsa Craig

Greenback type with exceptional flavour. Early maturing. Medium size. Reliable heritage variety.
TOMATO Alicante 2

TOMATO Alicante

Early cropper with smooth skin and fleshy fruits. Cordon type. Very productive. This variety has the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.  
TOMATO Black Cherry 2

TOMATO Black Cherry

Vigorous and well proven variety. High quality fruit. Excellent flavour.
TOMATO Black Russian

TOMATO Black Russian

Very dark red tomato, dark green at shoulders. Large fruit, beefsteak type. Delicious intense taste. Sweet and juicy.
TOMATO Garden Pearl 2

TOMATO Garden Pearl

Delicious rosy-red, cherry-size fruits. Ideal to grow in hanging baskets. Early to crop and continues all season.
TOMATO Mascotka

TOMATO Mascotka

Tumbling red cherry tomato suitable for hanging baskets Open pollinated variety.
TOMATO Red Alert 2

TOMATO Red Alert

Bush growing variety for outdoors or unheated greenhouse. Early cropping with small very tasty red tomatoes.
TOMATO Yellow Perfection

TOMATO Yellow Perfection

Smooth round fruits of golden yellow. Very early and prolific.