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We now have all the main vegetable varieties in our Catalogues. We still specialise in beans and herbs and continue to grow these in large numbers. For the last 24 years we have promoted the cultivation of herbs and top yielding, delicious-tasting, high protein beans for the home producer. All bean varieties have been collected from different parts of the world, and many are rare heirloom varieties with a fascinating history. Our collection has been chosen for suitability for growing in a temperate climate, such as in the UK and a great many other countries with a similar summer length and temperature. All seed provided by us is open pollinated and has not been gene modified. The seed is untreated and can be handled safely. Most is unavailable commercially as the varieties we offer are ideally suited to home-growing. Our collection includes beans that have been saved in their various countries by generations of people. These beans carry characteristics that are important in the preservation of genetic diversity. They have been successful in sustaining families during difficult times.

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To Order Browse through the above catalogues, and note any varieties you may wish to try. Print out an Order Form, fill in and post. Alternatively, you can email us with your requests and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

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It is our belief that most people can grow some of their own nutritious vegetables as even the smallest garden or patio can find room for a climbing bean crop. They can easily be grown organically with no artificial fertiliser or pesticides. Everyone can have fresh chemical-free produce. More information
All our beans are straightforward to grow. We have a special web page for the first-time grower which gives detailed instructions (also for herbs). The great majority of our collection is of Climbing (Pole) beans and Dwarf (Bush) beans as we feel these give best allround performance for growing and for many and varied recipes. Also available are Runner beans, Broad (Fava) beans and Peas. Our choices for these too have been made on quality of taste, resistance to disease, reliability and abundance.
We hope you enjoy growing and eating our herbs, beans and other vegetables, and encourage you to collect your own seed for sowing the following year. We are running another Seed Saving workshop mid August 2013 in Bristol. See our Herb Plants - Shows and Events page for details nearer the time. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in attending.
We welcome feedback on your growing activities and recipes, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at:-
However please do not email us to ask for a paper catalogue. We are trying to save trees! Thank you. We have much more information here on our website than we could put in a paper catalogue. All our seed varieties are listed here and there is an order form to print off.

  BASIL Sweet Genovese ROCKET Wild OREGANO Seeds of YING YANG  Climbing French Bean Seeds of RED BEETLE  Dwarf  French Bean THYME Broad Leaved MIZUNA CORIANDER